Gallery Colours

Work in colour - Panting on canvas, Sketches and pictures made in Photoshop and Illustrator.

Future Beyond... The Stars

In Illustrator - A picture i made "1950 poster style". Here visualized as t-shirt printing.

The 'Wild Boyz' frog

In Illustrator - A mascot I made for some friends of mine.

Jazz in Jasmtown

In Illustrator - A couple of idéas I had for a Jazz poster.

Turtle on rooftop

In Photoshop - An illustration I made for a competition - It won.

The Mead Viking

In Illustrator - A mascot I made for the brewery "Udgaards Bryghus".

Norse mythology

On canvas - A few pictures where i have combindet panting and molding. The theme i set in norse mythology.

The Woman on Eljudne The Ash Yggdrasil Ormar Fleiri

Mood of mind

On canvas - A small series of pantings that I call "Sindsstemning".

Mood of mind - 1 Mood of mind - 2 Mood of mind - 3

Pangs in the heart

On canvas - A pair of older pictures where the theme is "loss".
I apologize for the picture quality in thease, the pictures are taken with my old cell phone. c",)

The Beautiful Tower A Streak Of Light
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